First Order

Just had my first delivery today and I'm very pleased with the quality, freshness and variety of the box. Just about to order another for next week.

Christmas Turkey & veg box

The turkey we received was magnificent! It was beautifully packed and after cooking was succulent and delicious. We used every bit and ended up with...

Great value/produce

I have just placed my second order. Such amazing value for great organic produce. I can definitely see this being a regular thing! Much better than...


I have received vegetables and fruit every week since Christmas. The very high quality and reasonable prices are exceptional. But the main benefit I...

happy customer

I have just made the switch from a national organic veg delivery box scheme to Organic Pantry. I have to say I am very impressed so far - the produce...


Our cream comes from two farms, Acorn Dairy and Emma's Dairy. Both farms are Award-winning, fully embracing organic principals to work in harmony with their environments and raise healthy, happy stock.


At Acorn Dairy the Tweddle family farm across a total of 680 acres with over 350 cows and 200 young stock, ranging from newly born calves to in-calf heifers. Their animals have more space; they have turned to homeopathy as their first-line medical treatment; plus all the young are kept on the farm and receive plenty of human care. They are gradually changing the breed of cow they rear from a mix of British Friesian and Holstein towards the Dairy Shorthorn, which is better suited to producing milk from an organic rotation with large amounts of forage, and the flavour of Acorn Dairy milk comes from the clover rich diet the herds graze.


Emma's Dairy, based at Gazegill Farm in Clitheroe has remained under the watchful eye of the Robinson Family for nearly 500 years.  A farm with no GMO’s, no antibiotic residues, no pesticides or herbicides just natural grass leys and great habitat results in food that tastes as it should from animals that are allowed to behave as they should be. They are one of the few farms in the country that is licensed to sell organic raw milk and cream and we deliver this on their behalf.


Unfortunately we do not keep a stock of cream on site meaning we can only guarantee to get cream orders to you if you have put your order in by Friday morning at 9am the week before you want your delivery.

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