Handcrafted organic farmhouse cheese, developed for its creamy, mellow flavour and characteristic or..
ELSDON CHEESE (Northumberland Cheese) 150g
A delicate take on the traditional goats' cheese with a firm texture, pleasant tang and a refreshing..
Rich, creamy mature Cheddar cheese, carefully combined with the roasted malt flavour of Riggwelter, ..
GRASS FED CHEDDAR (Lye Cross) 200g
Handcrafted the Alvis way, this Cheddar is made using traditional techniques and with organic milk f..
GREEK FETA (Cypressa) 200g
Cheese made from fresh pasteurised sheep and goat's milk. Cypressa Greek feta has Protected Designat..
HALLOUMI (Cypressa) 225g
A traditional, delicious meaty halloumi!Barbecue - From Chilled. Cut into slices. BBQ for 2 to 3 min..
MATURE CHEDDAR CHEESE (Lye Cross Farm) 245gm
Organic Mature Cheddar CheeseThis hand-crafted organic cheddar is carefully matured for a full flavo..
MILD CHEDDAR (Lye Cross) 245g
Organic Mild Cheddar CheeseHandcrafted organic cheddar, carefully matured for a mellow creamy flavou..
OAK SMOKED CHEESE (Northumberland Cheese) 150g
Our Northumberland Oak-smoked is an extremely popular award-winning cheese, and with good reason. It..
ORIGINAL CHEESE (Northumberland Cheese) 150g
The  Northumberland Cheese Company wanted to produce a cheese that would appeal to all cheese f..
RED LEICESTER CHEESE (Lye Cross Farm) 245gm
Organic Red Leicester CheeseHandcrafted organic farmhouse cheese, developed for its delicate sweet f..
REDESDALE CHEESE (Northumberland Cheese) 150g
A sweet, subtle sheep's cheese. It has a rich, velvety texture, clean characteristic taste and refre..
WENSLEYDALE CHEESE (Wensleydale Creamery) 200gm
Creamy, crumbly & full of flavour Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese. Handcrafted by our master cheese..
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