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Are you looking for naturally fermented foods and drinks, that have proven bacteria? Loaded Table is based in North Yorkshire and the creator of vegetable ferments like Kimchi, Krauts and a variety of others, as well as fermented tea. Ingredients, where possible are sourced from local organic growers with the minimum of environmental waste. The full product range is seasonal (as food should be eaten), with the exception of the fermented tea range.

Their Kimchi is a wonderfully flavourful ferment, warming to the soul with its depth of taste from the ingredients used.


Organic cabbage, organic carrot, organic radish/ daikon, organic onion, organic parsnip, organic garlic, organic chilli, organic ginger & turmeric, organic fenugreek, Himalayan rock salt 

Nutritional info

Per 100g

Energy value 26kl/110kcal Fat

– of which

– Saturates <0.1g

– Mono-unsaturates <0.1g

– Polyunsaturates <0.1g Carbohydrate 3.4g

Total sugars 2.7g

Fibre 3.3g Protein 1.3g Salt 828mg

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