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Handcrafted organic farmhouse cheese, developed for its creamy, mellow flavour and characteristic orange colour. Made using only organic milk produced in the UK.

Since 1952 the Alvis family have been making the finest Farmhouse Cheeses at Lye Cross Farm, situated at the foot of Somerset’s Mendip Hills a few miles from the village of Cheddar.

More than 1,000 cows on the three Alvis family farms supply the rich milk to produce a quality range of traditional and organic Cheddars that make Lye Cross Farm Cheese so special. Whether farming organically or conventionally, there is a total and ongoing commitment to the care of the environment, the animals, employees and education for schoolchildren.

The Alvis family business has grown steadily and now takes milk from other farms in the surrounding area helping local farmers. The complete upgrade of the Cheese Dairy in recent years now means the annual capacity for cheese production is 6,000 tonnes.

Please tell us where you would like us to leave this product if you are not going to be in. It needs to be kept cool to prevent spoiling, we suggest that you leave out  a cool box for your driver but a shady spot may work just as well!


Cows milk, salt, colour (anntto), rennet, starter culture

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Contains milk

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