GRAPES (Italy) 350g
Organic Grapes weighing 350 grams.A big favourite amongst kids, grapes make a great healthy snack an..
KIWI FRUIT (Italy) 350g
Organic Kiwi FruitDelicious, exotic kiwi fruit make a great addition to a fruit salad or spooned out..
LEMONS (Spain) 500g
Organic LemonsWe haven't conquered lemon growing just yet but we have a fantastic Spanish supplier w..
LIMES (Mexico) 250g
Organic Limes weighing 250 gramsThere is still not quite enough sunshine and heat in Yorkshire for l..
MANGO (Spain)
Organic MangoWhilst the season lasts we get our mangoes from Europe but over winter we usually have ..
Organic Galia Melon Hailing from the Continent and grown to the strictest of organic criteria t..
Organic Honeydew Melon Hailing from the Continent and grown to the strictest of organic criteri..
NECTARINES (Spain) x 2
Organic Nectarines weighing 500gSadly the English weather does not lend itself to growing our o..
ORANGES (Spain) 500g
Organic Oranges weighing 500 grams.Our oranges come from Europe, usually Southern Spain ripened by a..
PEARS (Argentina) x 4
Organic Pears weighing 500 gramsFor as long as the season will allow we buy only UK pears. Unfortuna..
PINEAPPLE (Ivory Coast)
Organic PineappleOur climate precludes us from getting local pineapples but we will always buy Fair ..
PLUMS (Spain) 300g
Organic Plums weighing 500 gramsIn the Autumn we are lucky to be able to have beautiful, organic Eng..
Organic Pomegranate weighing 500 gramsWe generally get our organic pomegranates from Eastern Spain.P..
Organic Piel de Sapo MelonAlso known as a Frog Melon or a Santa Claus melon because they tend to rip..
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