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Organic Grapes weighing 350 grams.

A big favourite amongst kids, grapes make a great healthy snack and when you buy organic you don't need to worry about any hidden nasties on the fruit skin!

Reasons to eat grapes:

  • Grapes contain powerful antioxidants called polyphenols which potentially will both prevent and slow down the progression of certain cancers including lung, endometrial, prostate, pancreatic and most of our digestive tract.
  • High quercetin content makes grapes helpful in the fight against inflammatory diseases - particularly those of the cardiovascular system reducing the risk of death from heart disease or stroke
  • Animal studies have shown this same compound is helpful to alleviate the symptoms of allergies although human studies have yet to be done.
  • Grapes are one of a group of fruits studied in people with Type 2 Diabetes. They found that despite the relatively high sugar content of this fruit, consuming three servings each week actually reduced the associated risks of the disease.

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