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Organic French Beans weighing 250 grams

We have a wonderful local supplier of beans in the summer seasons but for the rest of the year look to the Continent to keep us stocked up.

Delicious steamed, stir-fried or added raw to salads - beans make a great snack but definitely prefer to be under rather than overcooked!

Why Eat Beans?

  • Ladies can reduce their symptoms of PMS by upping their bean consumption - their high manganese content helps both in keeping mood balanced and in reducing the amount of cramps.
  • Full of Vitamin K, they help to keep our joints and clotting systems healthy
  • Beans are a fantastic heart protector, helping to reduce cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation.
  • Beans are a source of readily absorbed silicon - important for pre-menopausal women to build healthy bones!

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