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Organic Extra Virgin Sicilian Olive Oil 1 litre

Organic olive oil made from Biancolila, Nocellara and Ogliarola olives, fresh from Guiliano's own family farm in the Agrigento region of sunny Sicily.

This olive oil is justifiably an award winner. It's amazing taste is down to the high quality ingredients and traditional production methods. The olives are hand-picked, then cold pressed on each harvest day (within hours of harvest) to ensure that the olive oil preserves all of its unique characteristics and freshness. The results is a high quality oil with a fruity and intense flavour and low acidity. A great oil to use as a condiment, for use in dressings, marinades and over all manner of dishes.

Agrigento is a very important historical city which is also known as the 'Temple Valley' and has the oldest standing Greek temples and on-going archeaological work so the land has hardly been changed over hundreds of years and the air remains clean and free from pollution.

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