From fresh Italian ingredientsPart of the product range 'Organic Pasta Sauces'.This product is Organ..
KORMA (Meridian) 350g
Organic Korma SauceA rich Korma sauce with coconut, almonds and spices where the ingredients are spe..
PASSATA (Essential Organic) 700g
Organic Passata SauceFrom the Essential Organic Trading Italian tomato range, this passata is the pe..
PASSATA BASILICO (Organico) 700g
Organic Passata with BasilSuma Organic Passata is pulped and sieved offering the perfect base for an..
PESTO - GENOVESE (Sunita) 130g
An intensely flavoursome pesto made to a traditional recipe using grana cheese.Basil, pinenuts and c..
PESTO - ROSSO (Sunita) 130g
Organic Red PestoSuma organic pesto is ready to use. Delicious mixed with hot pasta, served with war..
PORCINI PASTA SAUCE (Clearspring) 300g
This Porcini Mushroom pasta sauce is produced directly on a farm in Italy since 1990, using freshly ..
SEITAN RAGU SAUCE (Mr Organic) 350g
It is said that Tofu was first discovered in 164 BC by Liu An, a Chinese king, philosopher and write..
TIKKA MASALA (Meridian) 350g
Organic Tikka Masala Indian SauceBlending aromatic spices like cumin, paprika and ginger with fresh ..
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