ALFALFA SEEDS (Essential) 125g
All-Organci Alfalfa Sprouting SeedsAlfalfa was one of the first cultivated crops. These seeds the ki..
BANANA CHIPS (Suma) 250g
Essential Organic Banana Chips. Originating between the Indian sub-continent and New Guinea, the fru..
CHIA SEEDS (Essential) 500g
Chia seeds are traditionally consumed in South America and are thought to have been a staple crop of..
CRANBERRIES (Essential) 250g
Organic CranberriesAn evergreen native of Europe (including the British Isles), North Asia and North..
CURRANTS (Essential) 250g
Essential Organic Currants. Dried seedless fruit with the unique flavour of the purple Corinth grape..
DATES (Essential) 250g
Organic Pitted Dates. First grown between the Tigris & Euphrates, this amber-fruited palm is one..
FIGS (Essential) 250g
Essential Organic Figs. Figs develop from never-opening flowers, the fruit ripens on the tree before..
Organic Golden Linseed or Flaxseed.The shiny, oval seeds of the flax plant. Mainly used for oil, the..
HEMP SEED (Suma) 250g
Organic Hemp SeedA source of Omega 3, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Use in baking, add to cereals..
MEDJOOL  DATES (Suma) 250g
Medjool dates have been called the king of dates and the crown jewel of dates. Like most dates, the ..
Organic Pitted PrunesPrunes are dried plums, usually of Prune d'Agen variety. Grown specifically for..
POPPY SEEDS (Essential) 40g
Organic Poppy SeedsEssential organic Herbs and Spices contain no colourings, flavourings, preservati..
PUMPKIN SEEDS (Essential) 250g
Organic Pumpkin SeedsEssential Organic Pumpkin Seeds, also known as Pepitas. From Greek pepon 'cooke..
RAISINS (Suma) 250g
Organic Raisins weighing 250 gramsRaisins are dried grapes, the different varieties of grape produci..
RAISINS (Suma) 500g
Organic Raisins weighing 500 gramsRaisins are dried grapes, the different varieties of grape produci..
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