AGAVE SYRUP (Suma) 250ml
Suma Organic Agave Syrup is extracted from the wild Agave plant, a native of Mexico. It is a fructos..
ALMONDS - GROUND (Essential) 250g
These ground almonds are perfect for all your baking needs and a brilliant source of Vitamin E. Thes..
Arrowroot is a starch extract from the root of the maranta plant, native to the Americas. It is used..
BAKING POWDER (Doves Farm) 110g
Classic raising agent for adding to plain flours when making cakes, scones and puddings. This all-or..
BICARBONATE OF SODA (Dove's Farm) 200g
Bicarbonate of Soda is a home baking raising agent and a household cleansing friend. It can be used ..
BROWN RICE FLOUR (Essential) 500g
Milled in the UK from Organic Brown Rice. This naturally gluten free flour can be added to other flo..
CACAO NIBS (Suma) 100g
Enjoy chocolate in its purest form with these organic cacao nibs. These nibs are simply unprocessed ..
CACAO POWDER (The Raw Chocolate Co.) 180g
This sun-dried Cacao Powder is made by grinding up raw Cacao beans (seeds of the Cacao fruit, which ..
CANE SUGAR (Essential Organic) 1kg
Organic Cane Sugar.This is a granulated sugar, perfect for teas and coffees or for all everyday purp..
CASTER SUGAR (Essential) 500g
An everyday, versatile sugar perfect for all sorts of baking from delicious sponge cakes to crunchy ..
COCOA POWDER (Green & Blacks) 125g
Made with Fairtrade organically certified cocoa beans, this cocoa powder has a complex flavour and i..
COCONUT - CREAMED (Biona) 200g
Biona Creamed Coconut is made from the finest organic coconuts, grown without the use of synthetic p..
COCONUT - DESICCATED (Essential) 125g
Organic Desiccated CoconutFine ground desiccated coconut is an excellent addition to any stock cupbo..
COCONUT CREAM (Biona) 400ml
Organic Coconut CreamThis deliciously rich Coconut Cream is a more concentrated, thicker version of ..
COCONUT MILK (Biona) 400ml
Biona Organic Coconut MilkThis is a highly popular organic coconut milk with a ring pull for easy op..
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