AGAVE SYRUP (Suma) 250ml
Suma Organic Agave Syrup is extracted from the wild Agave plant, a native of Mexico. It is a fructos..
CANE SUGAR (Essential Organic) 1kg
Organic Cane Sugar.This is a granulated sugar, perfect for teas and coffees or for all everyday purp..
CASTER SUGAR (Essential) 500g
An everyday, versatile sugar perfect for all sorts of baking from delicious sponge cakes to crunchy ..
COCONUT SUGAR (Yakso) 200g
Organic Coconut SugarCoconut palm sugar is a natural, unrefined sweetener derived from the flowers o..
DEMERARA SUGAR (Essential) 500g
Essential Organic Demerara sugar. Sucrose is manufactured by all green plants, Cane & Beet used ..
Organic Golden Syrup made from the finest sugar cane.Delicious drizzled over pancakes, waffles, thro..
ICING SUGAR (Suma) 500g
Perfect for all icings, dustings and cake fillings.Ingredients:Organic icing sugar, organic corn flo..
LIGHT BROWN SUGAR (Billington's) 500g
Fair Trade Light Brown Unrefined Cane SugarA fine grained sugar, perfect for butterscotch sauce as w..
MAPLE SYRUP (Shady Farm's) 250ml
Organic Maple Syrup Made from the sap of maple trees using expertise passed down through the generat..
MOLASSES (Meridianl) 350g
Essential Orfganic Molasses Molasses is a thick, brown to deep black, honey-like substance made when..
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