ALMONDS - WHOLE (Essential) 250g
Organic Whole AlmondsAlmonds are one of the most nutritious nuts you can eat and have numerous healt..
ALMONDS FLAKED (Essential) 125g
All-organic flaked almonds, great for mixing in muesli and decorating baked goods. Almonds are on..
BRAZILNUTS (Essential) 250g
All-Organic Brazil Nuts.Brazil Nuts add a richness to many sweet and savoury dishes. They are also a..
CASHEW NUTS (Suma) 250g
Originating in Brazil, the nut grows underneath a false fruit, or 'cashew apple' - strictly speaking..
CHESTNUTS - WHOLE (St. Dalfour) 200g
Whole chestnuts packed without preservatives by using a special, all natural, patented deep vacuum m..
HAZELNUTS (Suma) 250g
Organic HazelnutsPopular for their rich, mellow flavour, ground and chopped hazels can be used in nu..
A native of North East Australia. Macadamia nuts have a delicious creamy flavour and crunchy texture..
MIXED FRUIT & NUTS (Essential) 125g
Organic Fruit & Nut MixA unique blend of supreme fruits and nuts for a luxuriant and nutritious ..
Organic PeanutsA delicious snack and a great source of vegetable protein. Can be added to muesli mix..
PINE NUTS (Essential) 125g
Organic Pine KernelsPine nuts are the edible seeds of pines (family Pinaceae, genus Pinus). Very goo..
Non-Organic Pistachio KernelsThese green nuts are native to the Middle East and Central Asia. Have l..
WALNUTS (Essential) 250g
Essential Organic Walnut Halves. Organically Grown Light Walnut Halves. Walnuts are the nutritious s..
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