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Award-winning sourdough crispbread.

Peter's Yard uses all natural, high quality organic ingredients to produce an award-winning sourdough crispbread that was recently described as 'the best biscuit for cheese out there' by the judges of the 2015 Great Taste Awards. It was awarded 3 stars, and named a Top 50 product out of 10,000 entrants. 

Peter's Yard use naturally fermenting sourdough to create irresistibly crisp, thin crispbread where no two pieces are ever alike. 

The sourdough used in every batch is allowed to ferment for 16 hours, resulting in a light texture, dimpled appearance and subtle flavour that is the perfect partner for cheese and is fantastic with smoked salmon and pâté.

Perfect for canapes and dips or as a biscuit for cheese, contains about 40 mini crispbreads. 


Milk, Rye Flour, Wheat Flour, Sourdough 11.5% (Rye Flour, Water), Wholewheat Flour, Honey, Salt, Yeast

Allergen Information:

Contains Gluten. May Contain Traces of Nut.

Serving suggestion:

Serve with cheese, dips or with your own favourite topping.For best results prepare your canapés shortly before serving so that the crispbread remains crisp.

PLEASE NOTE: This Product is NOT Organically Certified

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