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Side Oven's Gluten-Free granola: ‘Organic Agave Toasted Granola with Cinnamon and Apple’.

A delicious, crunchy granola toasted in Agave syrup combined with a subtle cinnamon flavour and green apple pieces. Agave syrup is low in glucose so it gives slow-release energy rather than a spike. This recipe is also suitable for Vegans.

Perfect with milk, hot or cold or sprinkled on top of porridge.


*Gluten free Oats (69%), *Sunflower Seeds (10%), *Agave Syrup (6%), *Sunflower Oil, *Golden Linseeds (4%), *Pumpkin Seeds (2%), *Rice Flour, *Freeze Dried Apple (1%), *Cinnamon *Ingredients organically produced  

Allergen Information:

Contains oats. Made on premises where Nuts and products containing Glutenare stored.

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