DEODORANT - ALOE (Urtekram) 50ml
Urtekram Aloe Vera Deo Crystal with a fresh scent of sun-ripened oranges prevents bacteria and smell..
All-natural deodorant with no chemical nasties!Directions: Apply sparingly from the cardboard stick ..
DEODORANT - LEMON & ROSEMARY (Earth Concious) 60g
Made on the Isle of Wight, with lively lemon & revitalising rosemary this deodorant won't damage..
DEODORANT - MEN'S (Urtekram) 50ml
Urtekram Men Cream Deodorant with a fresh masculine scent of juniper contains a powerful combination..
We use mineral salts in our crystal deodorant. This is brilliant because it naturally inhibits the d..
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