BOMBAY MIX (Suma) 250g
An all-organic Bombay Mix from organic experts, Essential.This is a superior version of this traditi..
BREADSTICKS (Organico) 120g
Organic Grissini.These rustic inspired bread sticks are made partly by hand in an artisan bakery, fo..
CACAO NIBS (Suma) 100g
Enjoy chocolate in its purest form with these organic cacao nibs. These nibs are simply unprocessed ..
CHOCOLATE COFFEE BEANS (Country Products) 75g
Coffee Beans coated in Milk, Plain and White ChocolateFrom local snack experts, Country Products the..
CHOCOLATE PEANUTS (Country Products) 100g
Chocolate covered peanuts from local suppliers Country Products. Perfect for snacking or when you wa..
CRISPBREAD - SEEDED (Peter's Yard) 105g
Award-winning Seeded Sourdough CrispbreadThese Seeded Wholegrain sourdough crispbreads are inspired ..
CRISPBREADS (Peter's Yard) 105g
Award-winning sourdough crispbread.Peter's Yard uses all natural, high quality organic ingredients t..
CRISPS - SALTED (Trafo) 40g
Organic Potato CrispsThese organic potato crisps are made in a traditional way by a small family bus..
DARK CHOCOLATE 85% (Green & Black's) 100g
Filled with 85% organic cocoa solids for an intense hit of cocoa, this chocolate is balanced with ju..
DARK CHOCOLATE WITH ORANGE 65% (Equal Exchange) 100g
This organic dark chocolate bar combines the delicious taste of smooth dark chocolate with refreshin..
This zesty combination of lemon, ginger and a dash of black pepper is sweet, citrusy and well-balanc..
DIGESTIVES (Dove's Farm) 200g
Delicious flavourful biscuits that will leave you reaching for more. Baked with wholemeal flour, cer..
FRUITY OAT BISCUITS (Dove's Farm) 200g
Another great organic biscuit from Dove's Farm, these fruity oat biscuits are made with a distinctiv..
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