Organic Asparagus  We have a local supplier of asparagus who keeps us stocked up in the short E..
AUBERGINE (Spain) 250g
Organic Aubergine weighing 250gm. Produce of Spain. Perfect for roasting, lasagnes or equally great ..
AUBERGINE (Spain) 500g
Organic Aubergine weighing 500 grams.Produce of Spain. Perfect for roasting, lasagnes or equally gre..
Long-Life Organic Beetroot.Vac-packed, pre-cooked organic beetroot is highly convenient for when you..
BEETROOT - RED (Spain) 650g
Organic Beetroot.When in season this comes straight from the farm fields or one of our local supplie..
BROCCOLI (Spain) 300g
Organic BroccoliWe grow our own broccoli here at the farm for as long as the season will allow. As w..
All-organic round cabbage.We grow these here on the farm for as long as the season will allow. A cri..
CARROTS (Spain) 1kg
Organic Carrots weighing 1 kilogram.For as long as they have supplies we get all our carrots from a ..
CELERIAC (Netherlands) 650g
Organic CeleriacFor much of the year we have our very own farm-grown celeriac but if we need to look..
CELERY (Spain)
Organic CeleryWhen in season we grow this ourselves both in the polytunnels and out on the fields. W..
CHILLIES (Spain) 80g
Organic Chilli PeppersMost of the chillis we get are of medium strength - just enough to add a some ..
COURGETTES (Spain) 300g
Organic Courgettes weighing 500 grams.In the summer months we grow our own courgettes or can easily ..
Organic CucumberWe are lucky to have a local supplier just across the border in East Yorkshire who m..
FENNEL (Spain) 300g
Organic fennel weighing 500 grams.When the season will allow, we grow this here on the farm - with a..
FLAT BEANS (Spain) 250g
Organic Flat Beans weighing 250 grams.These originate from Spain but when the season will allow we s..
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