BEE LOVELY HANDWASH (Neal's Yard) 295ml
Discover beautifully scented hands with this bee-friendly, organic hand wash. Made with moisturising..
BEE LOVELY SHOWER GEL (Neal's Yard) 295ml
Turn your bath or shower into an uplifting experience with this beautiful, moisture-rich gel, which ..
This delightfully fragranced organic hand wash leaves skin feeling cleansed and freshened. Combining..
HANDWASH (Ecover) 250ml
Ecover hand wash is dermatologically tested and approved. It protects and perfects the skin's pH and..
HANDWASH - ALOE VERA & TEA TREE (Faith in Nature) 300ml
Containing active organic Aloe Vera, and blended with Tea Tree for its cleansing and antibacterial q..
HANDWASH - LAVENDER & GERANIUM (Faith in Nature) 300ml
Lavender and Geranium always bring a sense of calm to every day, and this magnificently fragrant han..
SHOWER GEL - ALOE VERA & YLANG YLANG (Faith in Nature) 400ml
This wonderfully fragrant shower gel and foam bath contains active organic Aloe Vera and uplifting Y..
SHOWER GEL - CHOCOLATE (Faith in Nature) 400ml
This luxurious blend of organic Cocoa and Vanilla is infused with sage to nourish your senses. A sum..
SHOWER GEL - COCONUT (Faith in Nature) 400ml
Containing organic Coconut, and exploding with aromas to enrich your senses and soothe your day, thi..
SHOWER GEL - LAVENDER & GERANIUM (Faith in Nature) 400ml
Lavender and Geranium always bring a sense of calm to every day, and this magnificently fragrant sho..
SHOWER GEL - NO PERFUME (Urtekram) 500ml
Organic, perfume free shower gel.If you want clean and soft skin, you have come to the perfect place..
SHOWER GEL - ROSE (Urtekram) 500ml
Organic, rose-scented shower gel.Give your body the attention it deserves by letting the soft bubble..
SOAP - ALOE VERA & YLANG YLANG (Faith in Nature) 100g
Organic Aloe Vera is blended with aromatherapy oils of Ylang Ylang and Patchouli to create this soot..
SOAP - DETOXIFYING (Bentley Organic) 150g
Organic Soap made with Grapefruit, Lemon & SeaweedEnjoy the relaxing aroma of lavender and ..
SOAP - HEMP (Faith in Nature) 100g
Organic hemp is blended with natural fragrances and ethically traded green tea to create this refres..
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