ACEROLA JUICE (Biona) 330ml
Organic Acerola Juice    Tart and tasty acerola cherries are one of nature's ric..
ALMOND MILK (Rude Health) 1ltr
Organic Almond Drink. Creamy crushed almond is blended smoothly with rice, pure mountain spring wate..
Dairy-free Almond Milk YoghurtNush's Natural almond milk yoghurt is produced using European almonds ..
APPLE & GINGER JUICE (James White) 750ml
Organic Apple & Ginger JuiceMade with pressed root ginger so it sooth and incredibly warming. Th..
APPLE JUICE (James White) 750ml
Organic Apple Juice A beautiful organic apple juice, grown and pressed on your doorstep.Organic..
BASIL TOFU (Taifun) 200g
Taifun Tofu Basilico is full of fresh herbs, accented with a subtle basil taste. This savoury basil ..
BLUE STILTON (Lye Cross) 150g
A smooth almost buttery texture with a slightly acidic but rounded flavour. Typical maturity is two ..
BUTTER (Acorn Dairy) 250gm
This butter is churned from organic milk produced by the herd at Acorn Dairy.Family run, the organic..
BUTTER (Yeo Valley) 250gm
Rich, organic, creamy British butter, made from rich organic cream.What could be better.Smother it o..
BUTTER - SPREADABLE (Yeo Valley) 500g
This spreadable butter is made with organic milk from farms where the cows feed on natural, clover r..
CARROT JUICE (James White) 750ml
Although carrots have long been grown in East Anglia, there has not really been much tradition for j..
CASHEW MILK (Rude Health) 1 litre
Cashew DrinkA refreshing alternative to milk. Rude Health's Organic Cashew milk is the creamies..
Organic Coconut Milk 1 litreA totally natural alternative to cow's milk. Containing only naturally o..
The Garlic & Herb Creamy Sheese is a joyous Dairy Free alternative to cream cheese.The award-win..
CURCUMIN TOFU (Taifun) 200g
A mild tofu speciality with exotic seasonings featuring today---s most popular spice: turmeric. The ..
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