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Long-Life Organic Beetroot.

Vac-packed, pre-cooked organic beetroot is highly convenient for when you are in a rush. It is cooked in a sous vide very soon after picking so is as fresh as a cooked beetroot can be! Add to salads, sandwiches, smoothies or just eat straight from the pack for an earthy, nutritious hit!

Why eat beetroot?

  • Rich in fibre, this helps to keep your bowels in good working order and help lower cholesterol levels
  • A high concentration of nitrates in the diet has been shown to keep blood pressure down and prevent the development of heart disease or stroke.
  • Betacyanin that gives beetroot its purple colour is a powerful agent that both helps to protect against the development of cancer and has even been shown to slow its gowth.
  • Take a juice of beetroot when you are embarking on an endurance challenge - it has been show to increase stamina over other fruit and veg alternative, improving oxygen flow to the brain!

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