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Organic Golden Beetroot

When in season this comes straight from the farm fields or one of our local suppliers. Beetroot is an incredibly versatile vegetable, great for roasting, boiling, raw in salads or juices and even makes a great cake! Low in fat and full of vitamin, minerals and antioxidants. 

The main difference between golden and red beetroot is the in the compounds that give them their pigmentation.Red beetroot is rich in betalain pigment while golden varieties are rich in b-xanthin pigment. This slightly alters the nutritional component of the  vegetable. 

Why eat beetroot?

  • Rich in fibre, this helps to keep your bowels in good working order and help lower cholesterol levels
  • A great source of potassium, essential for keeping a good fluid/electrolyte balance in the blood and reducing the impact of eating salty foods on blood pressure.
  • Golden Beetroot is a surprising source of calcium, essential for bone health and strength and for normal muscular contractions.
  • Beetroot contains high levels of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents that may help reduce the risk of some cancers.

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