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Organic Celeriac

For much of the year we have our very own farm-grown celeriac but if we need to look further afield we will always look locally first.

Celeriac is basically from the same plant family as celery but it grown for the root rather than the stem. It has a milder flavour than celery and is incredible slowly roasted, mashed with mustard or turned into soups.

These need a really good peel and beware of how quickly the interior will discolour when exposed to the air. Lemon juice is great, as is a drop of white wine vinegar in water to help keep it's white flesh.

Reasons to eat celeriac:

  • Contains much Vitamin K - essential for both normal clotting and the mineralization of your bones.
  • Can provide you with a variety of trace minerals, such as phosphorous, iron, calcium, copper, and manganese. Phosphorous is required for cell metabolism, maintaining blood buffer system, bone, and teeth formation. Copper helps restore immunity, prevents anaemia, and essential for bone metabolism.
  • Contains powerful anti-cancer compounds some of which have been found to be particularly useful against colon cancer and certain types of leukaemia.

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