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Organic Kohl Rabi

We grow our own kohl rabi here on the farm and when our supplies run out we have a few neighbours over in East Yorkshire who can supply us.

This bizarre looking vegetable, with a mild, sweet flavour and crunchy texture is part of the cabbage family. Popular on the continent this is great in a manner of dishes, steamed, roasted, turned into curries or as part of a salad or coleslaw - if you haven't tried kohl rabi you are definitely missing out!

Reasons to eat kohl rabi:

  • Helps to keep your connective tissues healthy with plenty of Vitamin C.
  • With lots of B-Vitamins, kohl rabi can help to maintain good metabolic functioning.
  • Like other brassicas, kohl rabi is an excellent source of health promoting phytochemicals which help to protect against certain cancers.

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