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Pork Belly weighing 1kg

Perfect for a pork belly traditional roast or even pork belly strips marinated in BBQ sauce.

We get our rare breed pork from one of two farms, Gazegill Organics, based at Clitheroe or Cross Lanes Organic Farm in Darlington. In both cases their pork is different and tastes like pork used to taste. Rearing the animals slowly and outdoors where they behave in a natural way using their muscles more results in a flavour that is unique – they get no wet feed like most supermarket rubbish but are fed on a carefully blended cereal and grass, the average intensive pig can be reared in as little as 20 weeks where it is housed for its entire life and fed on demand – our outdoor and free-range pigs take 12 months to mature and have a natural layer of fat.

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