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Organic Pork Tenderloin

Two stunning organic pork tenderloins from Gazegill Farm's rare breed organic pig herd of Oxford Sandy and Blacks. This very special cut is a real treat and pan fried in the piece or fried as medallions it is simply stunning.

De-glaze the pan with a little white wine or cider, add a generous spoon of wholegrain mustard, drizzle of honey and finish with double cream, this works really well with any potato dish and some sugar snap peas… Happy eating.

We get our rare breed pork from one of two farms, Gazegill Organics, based at Clitheroe or Cross Lanes Organic Farm in Darlington. In both cases their pork is different and tastes like pork used to taste. Rearing the animals slowly and outdoors where they behave in a natural way using their muscles more results in a flavour that is unique – they get no wet feed like most supermarket rubbish but are fed on a carefully blended cereal and grass, the average intensive pig can be reared in as little as 20 weeks where it is housed for its entire life and fed on demand – our outdoor and free-range pigs take 12 months to mature and have a natural layer of fat.

Please tell us where you would like us to leave this product if you are not going to be in. It needs to be kept cool to prevent spoiling, we suggest that you leave out  a cool box for your driver but a shady spot may work just as well!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep spare supplies of meat on site. This product is ordered especially for you as as such we need a little advance notice. The butcher needs our orders on a Friday morning for the whole of the following week so please bear this in mind when placing your order. Unless we receive it by 9am on a Friday morning we won't be able to guarantee to have your meat the following week.

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