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Four prime organic gluten free beef steak quarter-pounder burgers.

We get our beef from rare-breed grass fed organic short horn dairy cattle down at Gazegill Organic Farm. On their certified organic farm all our cows are given free access to the pastures where they forage for different plant types during the summer and even self limit any potential illness. Not only is this a natural and healthy way for cows to graze but it also means they see the vet a lot less! As nature is never wrong and if we are what we eat then we are also what the cow has eaten!

Whether on the barbeque or home oven cooked, these gluten free organic quarter-pounder burgers create the ultimate burger. Served on a fresh soft bun, bedded with fresh colorful organic salad and a side plate of chunky thick chips with creamy coleslaw – now that sounds truly amazing. These quater-pounder burgers are perfect for impressing your visitors and are sure to leave them craving seconds. Maybe even thirds.

Please tell us where you would like us to leave this product if you are not going to be in. It needs to be kept cool to prevent spoiling, we suggest that you leave out  a cool box for your driver but a shady spot may work just as well!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep spare supplies of meat on site. This product is ordered especially for you as as such we need a little advance notice. The butcher needs our orders on a Friday morning for the whole of the following week so please bear this in mind when placing your order. Unless we receive it by 9am on a Friday morning we won't be able to guarantee to have your meat the following week.

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