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Four organic pork, sage & onion burgers.

From rare breed, ethically reared pigs these burgers are unsurpassed in flavour. Makes the perfect addition to  summer BBQ, to be enjoyed alongside an apple sauce and some crunchy coleslaw.

We get our organic pork from the Award-winning Cross Lanes Farm in Barnard Castle. Simon has gradually established his rare breed organic pig herd. The first Cross Lanes piglets were born over the summer of 2013, and its been all go since then. Simon has now formed a herd of Berkshires, Tamworths, Gloucester Old Spots and Mangalitsa pigs. He started crossing them with an Oxford Sandy & Black boar and in 2014 a new Hampshire boar joined the herd to improve the breeding quality. 'Coaleat Golden Eagle' won 'Best Male Pig' at the Great Yorkshire Show and was overall 'Reserve Supreme Champion'. The Hampshire pig is a variety of saddleback that is mainly black with a white 'saddle' around its middle and has very erect ears. Simon chose the Hampshire boar as it is a sire that will add eating quality and efficient growth. Old English hogs wandering the New Forest of Hampshire in England are thought to have been the forerunners of the Hampshire breed, the original breeding stock was recorded from Wessex, UK in 1832.

Simon feeds the pigs a diet full of mixed vegetables and greens giving them a varied and interesting diet. In doing this it will also provide quality and good tasting meat.

Please tell us where you would like us to leave this product if you are not going to be in. It needs to be kept cool to prevent spoiling, we suggest that you leave out  a cool box for your driver but a shady spot may work just as well!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep spare supplies of meat on site. This product is ordered especially for you as as such we need a little advance notice. The butcher needs our orders on a Friday morning for the whole of the following week so please bear this in mind when placing your order. Unless we receive it by 9am on a Friday morning we won't be able to guarantee to have your meat the following week.


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