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Organic Plums weighing 500 grams

In the Autumn we are lucky to be able to have beautiful, organic English plums - some of which are even from our own orchard. When these run out we have to look further afield for our plum-fix but all we still be organically certified.

Reasons to eat plums:

  • Packed with dietary fibre, sorbitol and isatin - plums will help keep you regular and alleviate digestive issues.
  • The pigment that makes plums reddish blue is a powerful antioxidant, helping your body to mop up free radicals.
  • Plums are a good fruit for diabetics to consumer as they have a relatively low glycaemic index so don't release all their sugars too quickly into the blood stream.
  • Plums have been shown to be helpful in slowing down Alzheimer's disease containing quercetin which helps to prevent brain cell breakdown.

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