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Organic Potatoes weighing 1 kilogram

Possibly the Nations favourite veg - we have our own potatoes for most of the year, all organically grown with the minimum of food miles.

Most of the potatoes we grow are all-rounders meaning they are suitable for doing pretty much anything from roasting to mashing. If you do ever want a potato for a specific purpose, just get in touch. We often have various varieties available and can point you to the most suitable one!

Reasons to eat potatoes:

  • Potatoes are a great source of healthy carbohydrates
  • They are a complete source of protein containing all 9 of the essential amino acids (that is the ones we cannot make ourselves)
  • They are a rich source of dietary fibre - essential for our gut functioning and to reduce the risk of intestinal cancers
  • They contain lots of Vitamin C along with copious other minerals and Vitamin B6 - all needed to keep our bodies functioning optimally

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