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Organic Daikon Radish

A mild, flavoured winter radish - also known as mooli, Chinese radish, Japanese radish, and Satsuma Radish. In fact, its name in Japanese means "big root". If you choose to cook your Daikon it tastes similar to turnips. 

Reasons to eat Daikon:

  • Contains an enzyme called diastase which acts as a digestive and can help to alleviate indigestion and heartburn.
  • Contains isothiocyanates which give daikon their peppery flavour and have been shown to improve blood circulation and reduce the formation of blood clots.
  • Daikon has a high calcium content which is great for those trying to take care of their bones.
  • Daikon juice has anti-inflammatory properties which can help to alleviate and prevent inflammatory diseases such as heart disease, gout, arthritis and pain from muscular injuries and cramping.

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