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Organic Whole Grain Rice Cakes

These thick, unsalted area great alternative to bread and as a low calorie option can help those trying to lose weight.

Kallo snacks are naturally irresistible, they make their rice cakes from 100% natural ingredients and we only use organic wholegrain brown rice for the very best taste. Layer up with all your favourite toppings and enjoy as a wholesome snack or a deliciously light meal that's full of flavour and fills you up.

Serving Suggestion:

Layer on cream cheese, sliced cucumber and watercress for a quick snack or why not add a little chocolate hazelnut spread for a sweet treat?

Equally delightful just crumbled up into some homemade tomato and basil soup.


Organic Rice

Storage Information:

Store in a cool dry place. Once opened store in an airtight container.

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