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Traditional Organic Clotted Cream

Stamfrey Farm clotted cream is made using milk from their herd of 150 organic, grass-fed cows.

Fresh from the farm, the whole milk is collected. The next step is to separate the rich Yorkshire cream from the rest of the milk. The cream then gets hand-poured into pots.

The final stage of our clotted cream production is the cooking process. Our cream is cooked gently over a water bath - the traditional way. This is what gives Stamfrey Farm organic clotted cream its unique velvety texture and irresistible crust on the top.

Please tell us where you would like us to leave this product if you are not going to be in. It needs to be kept cool to prevent spoiling, we strongly advise that you leave out  a cool box for your driver.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not keep spare supplies of raw milk on site. This product is ordered especially for you as as such we need a little advance notice. The dairy needs our orders on a Friday morning for the whole of the following week so please bear this in mind when placing your order. Unless we receive it by 9am on a Friday morning we won't be able to guarantee to have your milk the following week.

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