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Spelt is the ancient grain at the helm of the grain family which has been a prime source of nutrition for humanity over the centuries. The most ancient tales of spelt harvesting go back to 7000 BC and confirm its presence during man’s very first agricultural experiences. Triticum dicoccum has vanished from the modern agricultural scene because it has been replaced with grains that are mass-produced. Our cooperative company has restored the value of this grain in recent years, and has since cultivated it employing organic agricultural methods. Hybrids and selections that have modified other grains and cereals have not affected spelt, which comes to our dinner table untouched by the passing of time. Using stone-ground wheat flours to make whole-wheat spelt pasta permits the retention of all the nutritional benefits of this staple.

La Terra is a thriving co-operative, established in the Marche hinterland of central Italy where they have pioneered organic production since 1980. The company harnesses the combined efforts of more than 100 small producers and growers, guaranteeing them a fair price for socially and environmentally responsible agriculture.

Cooking Instructions:

Add pasta to boiling water in an open pan and cook for approximately seven minutes until tender but firm, for that perfect al dente texture. Drain and add sauce.


Organic wholemeal spelt (wheat) flour, water. 

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