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Milled from homegrown organic grain, our wholemeal flour is a strong flour. Ideal for baking breads or blending with other flour.

1.5kg bag.

These paper flour bags are sealed with paper tape – making them 100% recyclable / biodegradable.

About Side Oven Bakery

The Sellers family have been farming at Carr House Farm in East Yorkshire for generations. The Side Oven Bakery was founded in 2003 by Caroline Sellers round the farmhouse kitchen table. After a weekend’s breadmaking course in which Caroline had learned the basics, she returned inspired to build on this new found skill. Our Carr (heavy) land grows high-quality milling wheat, so creating an on-farm bakery to use our homegrown wheat was an exciting next step.

After two years of baking in the farmhouse kitchen and using the traditional ‘Side Oven’ – the same oven that many generations of Sellers used for breadmaking (hence the name!) – farm buildings were converted into a bakery, millhouse and juicery. Around this time, Tim and Caroline went to Germany to find a stoneground mill so that we were able to grow, mill and bake bread all on site at the farm

Tim and Caroline Sellers are fifth generation Sellers’ to farm here, and in the last few years have been joined in the business by daughters Hester and Jessica, to make the sixth generation to work here. Both on the farm and in the bakery we pride ourselves in producing superior quality products, with our full organic certification and always putting the environment at the forefront of our way of working.

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