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Organic Yorkshire Granola with Nuts is Side Oven's most popular Granola recipe!

A delicious toasty flavour bursting with crunchy cashews and almonds. All their award-winning Honey Toasted Granolas contain organic oats and spelt flour grown at Carr House Farm where their family has farmed for five generations.  The granola once combined with honey and sunflower oil is baked in trays, stirring frequently by hand to get an even, toasty flavour. Bursting with natural goodness in every bag!


*Oats (35%), *Toasted Wheat Flakes, *Spelt Flour (from Wheat), *Honey (10%), *Sunflower Oil, *Rye Flakes, *Sunflower Seeds, *Almonds (5%), *Cashew Nuts (5%), *Golden Linseeds, *Pumpkin Seeds *Ingredients organically produced  

Allergen Information:

Contains nuts and gluten

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