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Nutrient-dense, 100% grass-fed lamb. The first of the year's spring lamb, from free-roaming animals on Fortshot's herb and grass fields. 

Cuts may vary but could include sausages, diced shoulder, leg steaks, rump and more. It is sealed in biodegradable vacpacs and packaged in sustainable wool insulation. 

The box works out at £3.37 per meal for two. It will take up half of one shelf in your upright fridge freezer. 

This is what Alistair and Katherine at Fortshot say:

Regenerative Farming

Our Grass-Fed Lamb is farmed on species-rich wildflower meadows which are carefully designed to harbour life that makes the rest of nature thrive on our farm.

Meadows are grazed rotationally, meaning they have long rest periods to recover. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turn it into soil carbon, feeding the micro-biology that makes the meadow re-grow.

By increasing soil carbon levels by 0.4% a year, agriculture can halt the increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere related to all human activities.  Our lambs and farm are a small part of this. Visit to find out more.

Nutrient Dense

Unlike intensively reared grain-fed meat, grass-fed lamb is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids and vitamins A and E. It is a fantastic complete protein which comes packed with iron, magnesium, calcium and potassium to boot.

Properly farmed lamb, reared the way nature intended is an absolute power-house. No surprise really. This is because the diet of an animal affects the healthy of the animal. This translates to more nutritionally dense and complete meat for us. Happily, it also translates to better flavour. 

We happen to also believe it is important that our lambs live a very healthy, natural life roaming outdoors grazing diverse pastures. They have not received any antibiotics, growth promoters or any other nasties.

Flavour Rules

1.  The best lamb comes from native, heritage breeds, like the Romney and Suffolk that we farm.

2. The best lamb is grass-fed, always roaming in the fields, maturing slowly over many months.

3. The best lamb should be killed near to where it grazed to minimise transport and stress.

4. It should be hanged by butchers for fourteen days to Dry Age before coming to the block to craft the very best cuts the animal has to offer.

In this box, you have the very best lamb we know how to farm. It is all of the above. A slow-grown, entirely grass-fed, locally killed, dry-hung, heritage breed lamb.

PLEASE NOTE: NUMBERS ON THESE HAMPERS ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED. This is not mass-produced farming. Boxes are available by Pre-Order only but if you want to know exactly where your meat has come from, support a new way of thinking about meat farming and enjoy some of the finest meat available in the Country then we guarantee they are worth the wait!

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