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Made from 100% organic cotton and nothing else! Perfect for removing makeup and in caring for your skin.

Gentle on the environment

Today, 25% of all insecticides are used in the growth of conventional cotton, which results in devastating side effects on the environment, wildlife and ultimately in food chain contamination.

Simply Gentle Organic Cotton Wool is grown without artificial pesticides, working in harmony with the environment to support biodiversity using a natural pest management system.

Gentle on the farmers

Under our 'sustainable development programme' organic cotton farmers no longer have to invest in expensive pesticides which are a risk to both their health and financial security.

Gentle on you

From cotton seed to packaging, each Simply Gentle product is independently audited to ensure optimum quality, purity and softness.

And because we're approved by the Soil Association, you can rest assured that our ethical farming methods are continually improving to help provide a safer future for farmers and their communities.

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