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Wave goodbye to clingfilm!

Discover life the Bumble Wrap way. Beautiful, natural, plastic-free food wraps you can wash, re-use and compost.

Bumble Wrap is the natural alternative to single-use plastic - with a gorgeous patterned twist. Using just four natural ingredients, it will keep your food fresh - and your conscience clear.

Our beautiful wraps come in different sizes and patterns to suit all.

Bumble Wrap benefits:

★ Keep food fresher for longer

★ Zero contaminants and toxins

★ All-natural ingredients

★ 100% biodegradable

★ Available in a range of patterns and sizes.

No added extras, just 100% cotton, beeswax, tree resin and a drop of jojoba oil. Lovely stuff!

Cotton covered in beeswax isn't a new idea but it is one that has been forgotten. Adding the oils to the cotton creates a washable, breathable fabric which keeps food fresher for longer and can be reused over and over again.

Instructions for Use:

Simply by using the warmth of your hands you can mold the Bumble Wrap over a bowl or around a sandwich creating a seal.

When you have used it simply wash it in warm water and re-use it again and again.

This is their largest wrap at 50 x 50cm.  This will cover most loaves of bread.  the wrap allows the bread to breathe and consequently a loaf will stay fresher for longer.

This HUGE wrap can be used to cover a casserole dish, a large salad bowl, a traybake, or wrap your vegetables.

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