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HIP POP Apple Elderflower Kombucha is a lively and sophisticated non-alcoholic fermented soft drink; craft brewed in a state-of-the-art, sustainable microbrewery on a gorgeous farm in the heart of Cheshire, surrounded by nature, by a family-run business with years of experience brewing (and enjoying!) Kombucha. HIP POP Apple Elderflower Kombucha is wonderfully light and refreshing. Organic apples accent the already naturally apple-like taste of beautiful craft-brewed kombucha, with just a hint of elderflower to create a sophisticated kombucha that's perfect for newbies or more experienced kombucha lovers. This gut-loving Kombucha is: Vegan, made from all-vegan ingredients: loose-leaf tea, cane sugar, in-house cultures and fruits & herbs Lower in sugar, the friendly cultures are fed with a beautiful tea and cane sugar. Sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol are never ever used Full of good stuff, this kombucha is naturally brimming with gut-friendly cultures, antioxidants and immune-boosting vitamins, so it's perfect for all the family Shelf-stable at ambient room temperature, just chill before drinking HIP POP is craft brewed in small batches by a family business who own the entire production process from brew to bottle. This delicious kombucha comes in carefully curated packaging and is authentically fermented so it has the complex mouthfeel of booze (without the alcohol), making it more of an experience than just another ordinary soft drink. Drink it at any point in the day, as an adventurous and refreshing soft drink, a post-workout tonic, in a wine glass as a great alternative to booze or, indeed, with a favourite spirit as a vibrant and tasty mixer.


Water, green tea, black tea, cane sugar, kombucha culture, apple juice concentrate, elderflower extract, bacillus coagulans

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